Modular & Mobile Tables

Organizations frequently maximize the use of available space with multi-purpose rooms. In some cases, however, the challenges connected with changing room layouts and room functions can be daunting. And, as you know, multi-function spaces can often create conflicts: the best solution for one use may not be the best for another.

After discussing your project's programming requirements, budget, and technical specifications in depth, we will help you develop smart solutions. We'll help you navigate through the process and understand the trade-offs in each design. 

To better understand your programming needs, here are some questions that should be considered early in the process.

What are the functions of the room?
Which functions are the most important?
Which functions would you be willing to give up (if necessary) in order to obtain the most important ones?
Who are the users?
What technology is required? Where?
How often is the room changed around?
Who moves the furniture?
What kind of floor covering is in the room?
Does the furniture have to be stored? If so, where? How much storage space is available?

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