Our talented team of highly skilled craftspeople can help transform your vision into a reality. With classic modern table designs from respected industrial designers Kaizo Oto and Ken Reinhard
not to mention our own creative in-house team — we avoid the trendy while focusing on the principles we value most: simplicity, elegance, and function.

In today’s market you may find lesser products that look similar to ours. While our tables may cost more, you can be assured we place a premium on quality and longevity, which will save you money in the long run.

Modular construction features interchangeable parts that can be refinished or replaced as needed, providing great long-term benefits for our clients. Whenever possible, we use this advantageous form of construction.

Balanced panel construction (which requires a more 
 involved and expensive process) keeps table surfaces flat.

Italian Catalyzed Polyurethane finish combines a remarkable look and feel with excellent abrasion resistance. It lasts far longer under stressful conditions than other widely used
and less expensive materials (such as catalyzed lacquer and catalyzed varnish). We believe, however, that it is the best finish on the market and we’ve made it our standard.

Hand-glued edges create tight joints, making it difficult for liquids and dirt to infiltrate as gaps and glue lines are virtually nonexistent.

A complete set of specifications accompanies each table we produce, allowing you to reorder matching products or request service quickly and easily.

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